Distinguishing Network Folders in Finder Tabs

There are five tabs open in this Finder window. Never mind the open Applications tab; look at the Desktop and Documents tabs. Can you tell which of the folders are from a networked Mac, and which from this Mac?

Finder. Networked Folder 01

Even clicking on the tab is of no help unless you already know the contents of the folder.

Finder. Networked Folder 02

This could be rectified by showing a Network or Drive symbol in tabs that are not local. Of course, having the Show Sidebar and Show Path Bar options enabled would help reveal which folder it is, but the user must still click on the tab.

To make things worse, should one of the folders be local and shared, a ‘Shared Folder’ banner tops the window contents. Does this mean that the displayed folder is being shared by me or is it a folder shared by another Mac? This is not a clear statement.

Finder. Networked Folder 03

Finder 10.11.4; OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.


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