How Much Free Space?

I sync my iPhone with iTunes. I like to have a local backup. Occasionally I get a message like this:

iTunes. Updating phone OS 01

Yay! An update. Let’s click Download and Update.

iTunes. Updating phone OS 02

Oh. Let me have a closer look…

iTunes. Updating phone OS 03

I’ve 1.36 GB of free space. That’s greater than the 770 MB that’s required. Let me sync the phone and see how much free space there is afterwards.

iTunes. Updating phone OS 04

Wow. 3.30 GB. That should be enough for the sync.

iTunes. Updating phone OS 02

Hmm. Let’s check the iPhone itself.

iTunes. Updating phone OS 05

Well, I guess this figure of 411 MB is the number that the update process is seeing, and no wonder it’s complaining. But, why is iTunes giving me such a large figure for free space? Shouldn’t it be querying the iPhone itself and getting the phone’s free space number?

It may be that my iPhone needs to be restored. But even so, iTunes calculation of free space is not the same as how the iPhone itself calculates it. Which one is right?

iTunes; iOS 9.3.5 (13G36); OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.


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