Saving Empty Untitled Documents

system. having to delete an empty document which is still titled 'untitled'

No. I don’t want to keep this document. It is empty.

Pages, Numbers, TextEdit (and I’m sure other Apple and non-Apple applications) all show an undesirable behaviour. Create a new document, enter some data, immediately delete this data, try to close the document. The save sheet will appear. It should be obvious to the application that the document is an empty document that the user is trying to discard. The save sheet should not appear. BBEdit has been getting this right for years. If a new document has been edited but is now empty, just delete the document.

The correct behaviour occurs when a document is created and immediately closed. The empty document is automatically deleted.

It may be said that as the document has been edited, then the application should be asking to save it, however, this doesn’t make sense, as when the document is saved and closed, it no longer remembers the editing history. You can’t open the document and ‘undo’ the delete to get the deleted data back.

Pages 5.6.2 (2573); Numbers 3.6.2 (2577); TextEdit 1.11 (325).


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